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> Credit wallet?

The Cleeng credit wallet is a mechanism where we allow payment with so called "credits". 

A couple questions are listed below to make clear what the credit wallet is, how it works and why we offer this: 

Why the credit wallet?

The main reason why credits are introduced is to allow users to purchase content via a "prepaid" method. This method is very popular in developing Asian countries like India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and China. 

How does it work?

1) User needs to create an account on publisher's platform 

2) Go to "my account" widget to purchase credits

3) Purchase credits with desired payment method 

- With debit or credit cards this would be the normal Cleeng checkout flow

- Prepaid --> user goes to local store to purchase a prepaid card related to this publisher, this card contains a unique code which needs to be entered in the checkout flow. If payment is accepted, the credits are added to user's account. The unique codes are linked to Cleeng coupon codes (100%) discount to specific offers (E.G 50cr / 100cr / 150cr). 

4) User can purchase content directly with credits

Is this available for any publisher? 

The credit wallet is not a default setting, please contact our team for more info sales@cleeng.com