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Can I let my viewers know that a VOD replay will be available?



How to notify viewers that a VOD replay will be available? 

In Step 3 "Add your video" of the live event creation process, broadcasters can select if the event will be available as a VOD replay.

Under "Will you be adding a VOD replay?" they can choose from the drop down list:





The broadcaster still needs to set up the replay manually by creating a VOD. This is not automatically done when selected the replay option dropdown in the example above. For steps on how to do this please click here.


There are 3 main reasons why Cleeng allows broadcasters to enable this feature:

- Provide the best viewing experience for the fans to relive all the action.

- Reducing amount of refunds requests if any issues with the live stream. 

- Cleeng customer support team is aware of the Replay in case of inquiries coming in.



How will the audience be notified?

By activating the VOD replay availability inside the offer creation, the event FAQ & Suppot page will automatically be updated with new information:




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