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> What is Whitelisting about?

What is whitelisting? 

Whitelisting is the functionality to grant access to only a specific group of users to certain content. In our case, online video content. There are many bigger corporations looking to restrict the access to their online content. Often, this is due to a required level of security, such as sharing classified content within your organization. 

Cleeng's whitelisting technology now enables publishers to activate this functionality. 

How does it work? 

Whitelisting can be activated on domain level, both on a single and multiple domains. So when a user is trying to authenticate it is only authorized to do so with an address from a specific domain. Activating whitelisting would automatically disable Social Login options. If a user still tries to authenticate with a different address the access will be blocked and the authentication error message will appear. 

Have a look at the example below at the error message that appears after a registration attempt with a non-authorized domain: 


How to activate whitelisting? 

As of now, whitelisting can only be enabled by Cleeng. For more information please contact our team at sales@cleeng.com.