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How to read the Cancellation Report?


When using Cleeng Merchant you will have access to your 'Cancellations Report' which is extremely helpful for understanding your customer refund and chargeback reasons. This report can be downloaded in monthly periods and is updated daily throughout each period. Below you will see an image of where to find the report and an explanation of what each column entails.


Where to find it?

You can download the report in either a XLS or CSV format.


How to read the report?

 Name  Description

 Cancellation ID

 Individual cancellation number
 Offer ID  Individual offer number
 Date  Transaction date in Broadcaster Time Zone
 Time  Transaction time in Broadcaster Time Zone
 Cancellation reason  Type of reason viewer indicates while submitting a 'cancellation  request'
 Cancellation type  2 types of cancellation possible - refund or chargeback
 Cancelled revenue  Total revenue reversed due to cancellations in a given period.
 Cancellation currency  Currency in which the cancellation is charged to Broadcaster.
 Cancelled revenue -  Distributor  Cancelled sum of [Transaction price excl TAX in distributor currency =  Transaction price Excl TAX minus Broadcaster Exchange fee]
 Cancellation revenue  currency - Distributor  Currency in which the cancellation is charged to Broadcaster.
 Cancellation fee  Optional penalty to Broadcaster in case a refund has been accepted. 1 EURO  / 1 USD / 1 GBP, or in case of chargeback: 8 EURO/ 8 USD / 8 GBP
 Cancellation fee currency  Currency in which the cancellation fee is charged to Broadcaster (or  distributor).
 Reversed transaction ID  Individual transaction number which cancellation refers to
 Offer title  This is the title you select for your offer. For example if you have a  football season pass you may select. "2017 Albany Suns Season Pass"
 Viewer email  Email address of the viewer
Broadcaster site name  Name of Broadcaster's website





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