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> How to read your publisher Transaction Report

When using your publisher transaction report you are presented with a large amount of data that helps you to analyse and understand how your offers are performing and also provides a deep understanding of your customer base. Below you will find an explanation of what each column entails.

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How to read your report

Name Description
Transaction ID Individual transaction number
Date Transaction date in Publisher Time Zone
Time Transaction time in Publisher Time Zone
Week Week of the year when transaction occur
Month Month of the year when transaction occur
Offer ID Individual offer number
Offer type Live - Single live event
Pass - Pass to multiple live events
Subscription - Subscription to catalog of Videos
Video on Demand - Rental of a single video
Offer period The period in which a customer will have access to the content
Offer title This is the title you select for your offer. For example if you have a football season pass you may select. "2017 Albany Suns Seasons Pass"
Content external ID Unique reference code of the content in publishers own CMS. Can be used to match offer IDs with IDs used in the CMS
Content type Content type can be indicated for single offers and rentals, indicating whether they are article, video, image, download. Note: live event is a separate offer type.
Short URL Content link in short form
Campaign Id Internal reference code of the campaign/associated with a list of coupons. 1 campaign ID may have multiple coupon ID's
Campaign name Name of campaign that is used to identify the campaign in a readable format
Coupon code Code that the user has entered to receive a discount
Discount rate Percentage of discount applied on the 'Offer price'
Discount value Discount amount applied on the 'Offer price', in offer currency
Offer price (excl. TAX) Offer price excluding VAT and additional payment method fees. Price is set by the publisher as defined in offer currency and by default in publisher's currency
Discounted offer price Offer price after any possible discount (see discount value). Price is in 'Offer currency'
Offer currency Currency in which the offer is set by the publisher. By default the publisher's currency
Transaction price (excl TAX) Offer price (excl. TAX), minus discount, plus customer exchange fee (if applicable), plus publisher exchange fee (if applicable) in transaction currency
Applicable tax TAX amount applied on transaction
Transaction price (incl TAX) Offer price (incl. TAX), minus discount, plus customer exchange fee (if applicable), plus publisher exchange fee (if applicable) in transaction currency
Transaction currency Customer invoice currency
Cancelled  Cancelled (refund, chargeback) transaction indicator
Publisher earnings  Amount of Publisher earnings after Cleeng service & payment processing fees
Publisher currency  Reporting and payout default currency
Transaction price in publisher currency (excl TAX)  Transaction price (excl TAX) minus Publisher exchange fee in Publisher currency.
Applied Exchange Rate - Customer  Exchange rate on transaction when offer currency differs from transaction currency
Customer ID  Unique reference code of each customer that has a Cleeng account
Customer Locale  Language setting of the customer according to the ISO standard
Customer Country  Country settings of the user, automatically selected with the IP detection
Customer IP/country  Customer IP address
Customer Email  Email address of the customer
Customer Currency  Currency in which the customer sets his account. Can be changed later on by the  customer. It is being automatically detected based on origin country
Privacy  Customer's privacy settings indicates if the publisher is allowed to use the customer's  email address for commercial purposes or only for service emails
First name  Customer first name
Last name  Customer Last name
Payment method  Payment method of transaction eg: Visa, Paypal
Referral URL -
Transaction external data Unique reference code of the transaction in Publisher's own CMS

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