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Cross-domain Google Analytics


When you use the Cleeng Checkout on a website with your own domain, you're required to tune your Google Analytics snippet to ensure you track your viewers correctly. This guide explains how to do so.


How to add support for cross-domain tracking?

Adding support for cross-domain tracking, Google requires information about a broadcaster's GA account in the Cleeng dashboard under, "Publisher settings" and also a broadcaster has to add a piece of code to his page.

Note that these features are applicable with Cleeng Merchant/ Checkout setup.

First, let's update the Publisher settings profile for GA support, here's how:

  1. Log in to your Broadcaster Dashboard.
  2. Click "Settings" > "Publisher Profile".
  3. Make sure that your website URL value is correct (it is strictly connected with x-domain tracking).
  4. Please add your GA tracking ID.


Update your source code

To enable cross-domain tracking both sides need to be well prepared. After updating your information in the "Publisher settings" page, you have to tweak your GA initialization code for x-domain support.


Here is an example of a GA initialization that contains an autoLinker module and cleeng.com domain:
ga('create', ‘UA-YOURGA_ID-X', 'auto', {'allowLinker': true});
ga('require', 'linker');
ga('linker:autoLink', ['cleeng.com'] );


Remember to change the example GA tracking ID from this snippet to yours.

In case of any troubleshooting please check this site which describes solutions for the most popular issues.

• More information about cross-domain tracking is available here.




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