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> How we handle OTT flow broadcasters

  • Dashboard On-boarding Session

The dashboard is a tool mainly used by broadcasters to utilize their business. It’s important for them to be aware on how to navigate it. An account manager will be assigned to do on an on-boarding session with the client. During the session, Cleeng should have an idea about the client’s business model, their vision, and how they want us to communicate with their viewers. After the session, the client must fill out relevant information in the settings such as bank details, branding, profile, etc. to get them started. They must be proactive in resolving issues through the dashboard as much as possible.

We have prepared a detailed document about the dashboard, click here.

  • Create Broadcaster Account

Cleeng will ensure that the client will have a Broadcaster account to use. The broadcaster can also create admin accounts. A personnel with an admin account can access the dashboard depending on access rights.

  • Assist with their First Offer

The client must make sure that everything is properly set up with their offer while the account manager will double check everything in the back end. Cleeng will find a work around for the client to achieve their goal.

  • Answering Client Inquiries

Should issue arise, someone from Cleeng must be available to answer client’s inquiries as soon as possible.

  • Monitoring Client Sales and Customer Support

The client should find time to check their sales and see how the business goes. Downloadable sales reports are available in the dashboard. It’s also important to check the trending issues reported by the viewers.  In this way, client will be able to improve the service for future offers.

  • Ask their feedback about the service (NPS)

Client can rate the service and give feedback through the dashboard. It will directly affect Cleeng's focus on improving the service for the best experience possible.


If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to your Account Manager.