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> Checkout and Email Header Branding

You can easily style the way your Cleeng checkout and automated emails (receipts, reminders, warnings) look like, here's how:

How to brand your Cleeng Checkout

Upload your logo and an exciting banner, and define the color scheme by following these simple steps:

1. Log in to your Cleeng account at http://cleeng.com/us/my-account and go to the 'Customer Relationship' section. Then click on 'Branding' tab.



2.  Add a header banner to the top of the checkout screen, and set the background color. 

Note: Make sure to upload a jpg or png, 560px by 70 px. Looking for the #fffff code? Check out this website>>


3. Edit a welcome message that will be displayed below the banner. 

4. What should be the default color of all buttons? You can decide it here.


Note: you cannot edit the Single Sign On buttons (Facebook, Google, Yahoo).


Here's an example of a checkout styling:



How to style the email header

1. Upload your logo 

Note: Your logo should be 100-300 px wide and max. 70 px tall. 



Here's how it should look like:



For any other questions, please contact the Cleeng Support team for further assistance.