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Refunding your viewers

If your viewer requests a refund directly to you, you can cancel his purchase directly from your dashboard. There are two ways to do it.


I. Refunding from the 'Customer transaction' section. 

1. Find the viewer's email or use the transaction ID or data range to search for the particular transaction you wish to refund.

Then click on the cancellation icon.


(as shown on the screenshot below)


2. You will be presented with a cancellation and refund option. Simply click on the button to cancel. 



II Refunding from the 'Support' section. 

1. Find the viewer you wish to refund on the transactions list and click on it (you can also use the search option to find the viewer).


2. You will be transferred to this viewer's profile. From there you can cancel and refund their transaction.




Alternatively - your viewers can always cancel their purchase from their Library. Let them know that they can do it themselves from their Library. We will accept the refund only if it will be claimed within 30 days from the purchase date, and only for purchases made with a credit card.