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How to avoid chargebacks

What is a chargeback?

A chargeback occurs when a credit cardholder contacts their bank to initiate a refund for a purchase made on their credit card. Chargebacks arise for a variety of reasons: a cardholder is dissatisfied with their purchase, charges were made illegally on their card or they have changed their mind.

A number of chargebacks are a result of a fraud: some of them are caused by an unauthorized use of the stolen card or the cardholder is purposely seeking to dispute a legitimate purchase they made. 

Chargebacks exist to protect viewers and help protect against card charges that occur without the consent of a card owner. This means that Cleeng as the official vendor for your content cannot prevent chargebacks from happening (actually - no online merchant can). But we do dispute the chargebacks and we sometimes win.

Please see the European and American chargeback guidelines:




How can you minimize or even prevent chargebacks?

The best way to deal with chargebacks is to prevent them from happening in the first place.

  • Provide accurate descriptions of your products on your website. We show how to do it here>>
  • Once we inform you about a chargeback claim, please respond to the chargeback as quickly as possible. A limited amount of time is available to resolve a chargeback. If you delay, you may miss your opportunity to fight the chargeback.
  • Accurately describe your product.


For further assistance, feel free to contact our friendly Cleeng Support Team as they will be happy to assist you.