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Cleeng Pay As You Go (PAYG) Fees


  • How does Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) pricing work?

Cleeng offers broadcasters the tools and flexibility needed to monetise and secure their video content online through our modular architecture. Our Pay-As-You-Go pricing is designed especially for clients with less than 5000 Managed Users, looking for a no-commitment service and financial flexibility, who want to experience our products with a structure reduced to a minimum. If you do not want to commit for a minimum of monthly users, or if you choose to start small, then this option is for you. Simply create an account, and start selling. The default PAYG pricing will apply.


  • How do you define a Managed User?

Cleeng fees are based on the number of ‘Managed Users’ which is defined as: ‘someone with a valid paid entitlement access to an offer in a given month’. Ie, anyone who is a subscriber or has purchased a digital product in the month regardless of the offer type, payment gateway, subscription status, or discount in a given month.


  • Do I need to sign an agreement to start using your platform?

No, you can start using our APIs, or create an account an anytime.


  • Are there any minimum mandatory fees with PAYG?

No, there is no minimum mandatory fee. If you only have 1 user, you will only pay a few cents per month, and benefit from the most advanced platform the industry has to offer.


  • Why is there a minimum commit for Enterprise pricing?

In order to allocate the best experts for your project, we require a minimum commitment for some of our modules, typically 5000 monthly Managed Users to access the Enterprise Core module. Contact Sales for more details.


  • Will I get better pricing if I come direct, or work with your partners?

Good news, it’s all the same! We work very closely with a number of partners and have standardized pricing models. Cleeng experts can certainly best advise you on the value and benefits of our platform, and our partners are experts at integrating our solution if you need as well.


  • Can I use Tattoo and Hi5 as stand-alone services?

Yes! If you look for a simple yet powerful video security solution or need a productized customer care service, we can provide it as a stand-alone offering. Contact Sales for further details.


Cleeng Core

Description: Cleeng Core provides comprehensive modules for effectively managing your subscribers through our flexible and robust APIs and platform. Cleeng Core includes identity and access management, entitlement management, subscriber billing management and an analytics dashboard that includes insights and tooling for your customer service.

You can find more product information here.



  • No Commitment
  • No Startup Fees
  • Access to our API and Developer tools

Terms and Conditions:
  • Either EUR or USD Pricing will apply based on Customer agreement
  • Flexible to upgrade (contact sales if needed)
  • If you have more than 5000 Managed Users, please reach out to our friendly sales team here.


Cleeng Merchant

Description: Cleeng Merchant provides your organization with a simple and secure solution for handling ePayments and optimizing your checkout process. Cleeng Merchant offers a multi-lingual checkout, that is truly optimised for high conversion rates in many countries and currencies. It is deeply integrated with leading payment providers such as Adyen and Paypal for payment processing, as well as handling all legal compliance (GDPR), financial, taxation (VAT, GST…) and fraud constraints for you.

You can find more product information here.


  • No Commitment
  • No Startup Fee
  • Access to our API and Developer tools

Terms and Conditions:

  • Either EUR or USD Pricing will apply based on Customer agreement
  • Fees are charged per transaction (fixed) or transaction amount (variable)
  • Bank and Credit Card transaction fees are INCLUDED
  • Clients using Cleeng Merchant PAYG will by default have Cleeng Hi5 with 24h SLA activated, so to ensure adequate customer care is offered to consumers. See below for more details.


Cleeng Hi5

Description: Cleeng Hi5 provides broadcasters with a unique and very easy to deploy out-of-the-box Customer Support Solution helping you to build a service your customers love. We provide the processes, staffing, training, and tools so to deliver exceptional customer service to your clients.

Cleeng Hi5 is an Enterprise offering, and is not accessible to Pay-As-You-Go clients, except when bundled with a packaged solution (e.g, Cleeng Live Pay-Per-View, or Brightcove OTT Flow). You can find more information here, or contact our sales team for details.



Terms and Conditions:

  • Either EUR or USD Pricing will apply based on the Customer agreement
  • All SLA are based on a 24/7 operations
  • Fees are charged per Managed User
  • 3min Chat SLA only for SVOD business model (not for PPV)



Cleeng Tattoo

Description: Tattoo 3.0 is an advanced anti-piracy protection and credential sharing solution. It offers a level of security to your premium videos by combining multiple protection layers, which contain among other things watermarking to counteract screen casting and session control to counteract account sharing. You can find more information here.


The pricing is based on the number of Managed Users, meaning the number of viewers that are allowed to have access to the video content (paid or unpaid). For clients using our Pay-Per-View products and would like to activate Tattoo, please contact our Sales Team for more information.


Cleeng Churn-IQ

Description: Churn IQ is Cleeng's specialized Data Intelligence Solution. This tool allows top-tier broadcasters globally to tackle churn during all stages of the subscriber journey! ChurnIQ is an Enterprise offering and is not accessible to Pay-As-You-Go users.


If you are interested in using Churn IQ you can find more information here or please contact our sales team.


Cleeng Live - Pay-Per-View

Cleeng Live is a simply powerful solution for securely monetizing your Live Pay-Per-View events online that allows broadcasters to set up and begin selling in just a few minutes. When using Cleeng Live, you get everything you need to manage your live event, before, during and after the event. We take care of the landing page, efficient payment solutions in many countries and currencies, customer care and reporting.

You can find more product information here.


Terms and Conditions:

  • Either EUR or USD Pricing will apply based on the Customer agreement
  • All SLA are based on a 24/7 operations
  • For Live events with 10,000 PPV estimated buys, please contact our sales team, so to ensure event readiness is well defined, Specific fees may apply.


Additional Information for Broadcasters using Cleeng Merchant

Please note that within some countries there are specific payment handling fees added to the viewer transaction price on top of the standard rate that Cleeng applies per transaction. For example PayPal transactions, or iDeal in the Netherlands, SMS or carrier billing in most countries.

Note: In all cases and in any country, payment using VISA or MasterCard is always free of charge for the viewer.


  • Why there are extra fees applied to my viewer order?

As Cleeng is working in over 180 countries and with 50 different payment methods, there are numerous types of fees charged by different payment providers. The big credit card providers like Mastercard and VISA generally work on a global scale with regulated fees and charges applied and don't tend to fluctuate as much. Cleeng captures the fee to cover this depending on the location and payment provider of the viewers.


  • What payment handling fees are charged and where?

On behalf of our clients using Cleeng Merchant, Cleeng takes care of the full operational management and support of payment transactions, including the management of refunds, chargebacks, international transactions and currency exchanges. This requires extra resources, people and automations to be maintained and for that, we ask this additional handling fee from your viewers. For most payment methods, typically Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and local version, there are no handling fees. For some specific payment methods, like PayPal, iDeal, SMS, Sofort, …, due to specific processes in place to manage and collect the funds, a payment handling fee may apply.


For example, for transactions in these currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD, NZD, MXN, KRW, PHP and BRL, PayPal Handling Fees are as follows:

35% if the price is lower than 0.79 USD or EUR

10% if the price is lower than 2.49 USD or EUR

8% if the price exceeds 2.49 USD or EUR


Note: There is always an option for the viewer to pay with a major credit card with no extra fee. So in all cases, the viewer can purchase at the official displayed price. The extra fee is driven by a viewer choice. This is outlined in our original contract's Terms and Conditions.


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