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Cleeng Fees


Cleeng Merchant service fees - will take place according to the following calculation:


1. Payment processing fees: For a paid transaction, credit card companies and other payment processing entities (for example PayPal) take a fee per transaction. Such fees are immediately deducted by Cleeng on every paid transaction at a standard rate of €/$ 0.29 + 2.9% per transaction.

2. For Live pay-per-view sales: Using the Cleeng Live! the Cleeng service is 2.5%+€/$0.99 per transaction. How much you can earn per sold ticket?

3. For Subscription Video-on-demand: Using the Cleeng service a fee applies of €/$ 0.79 + 2.0% per subscriber.

4. For Video-on-demand and other content: The Cleeng service is free. Only the payment processing fee will be applicable.

****Please note that within some countries there are specific payment methods which charge an extra fee that is added to the viewer transaction price on top of the standard rate that Cleeng applies per transaction. For example: PayPal payments, iDeal in the Netherlands, SMS or carrier billing in most countries.
In all cases and in any country, payment using VISA or MasterCard is always free of charge for the viewer.



For transactions in these currencies:
35% if the price is lower than 0.79 USD or EUR

10% if the price is lower than 2.49 USD or EUR

8% if the price exceeds 2.49 USD or EUR


Additional Information

Why there are extra fees applied to my viewer order?

As Cleeng is working in over 180 countries and with 50 different payment methods there are numerous types of fees charged by different payment providers. The big credit card providers like Mastercard and VISA generally work on a global scale with regulated fees and charges applied and don't tend to fluctuate as much. Cleeng captures the fee to cover this depending on the location and payment provider of the viewers.


What PayPal fees are charged and where?

PayPal transactional fees are higher than what is usually experienced with credit cards. Similar to what we see with other industries like airlines, car rental and accommodation. Cleeng adapts its payment fees to the viewer on the chosen payment method.


Note: There is always an option for the viewer to pay with a major credit card with no extra fee. So in all cases, the viewer can purchase at the official displayed price. The extra fee is driven by a viewer choice. This is outlined in our original contract's Terms and Conditions which have also added below.