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> Using different currencies

We offer you a wide choice of 15 currencies

  1. USD - US Dollar
  2. EUR - Euro
  3. AUD - Australian Dollar 
  4. CAD - Canadian Dollar 
  5. DKK - Danish Krone 
  6. GBP - british Pound
  7. NOK - Norwegian Krone 
  8. NZD - New Zealand Dollar 
  9. SEK - Swedish Krona
  10. TRY - Turkish Lira 
  11. XOF - CFA Franc 
  12. ZAR - South African Rand 
  13. NGN - Nigerian Naira
  14. KES - Kenyan Shilling 
  15. GHS - Ghanaian Cedi


How to choose a local currency when creating a live pay-per-view event or a video on-demand?

By default the choice between currencies is available for both – Live and On-demand videos! If you wish to develop your own customized offer setup, we also enabled them through our API.

We give you two options:

1. When setting up an account with us, you are able to choose your default currency. In this currency you sell and also receive the payout.

  • NOTE:  ZAR, XOF, NGN, KES, and GHS are not available as a default currency for your Publisher's account

2. If you wish to offer a particular video or event in any other currency than your default one, you can do it while creating an offer from your Cleeng Publisher Dashboard.




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