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What currencies, payment methods and languages does Cleeng support?


Setting up an offer has never been easier as Cleeng now accepts 180+ payment methods and provides 22 currencies to sell your offers in. Among these methods are the major credit cards, Paypal, in-app payments, the credit wallet, Telcos and a number of local payment methods (e.g Maestro/Solo in the UK, Ideal in the Netherlands, ELV in Germany etc.). 


Existing Currencies




How to choose a local currency when creating a live pay-per-view event or a video on-demand?

When setting your default currency it is best to choose the currency where you are locally based, or have the the biggest viewership. See below for tax information. By default the choice between currencies is available for both – Live and On-demand videos! If you wish to develop your own customized offer setup, we also enabled them through our API.


Cleeng gives two (2) options:

1. When setting up an account with Cleeng, you are able to choose your default currency. In this currency you sell and also receive the payout.

  • NOTE:  ZAR, XOF, NGN, KES, and GHS are not available as a default currency for your Broadcaster's account, please contact our friendly Customer Success team for assistance.

2. If you wish to offer a particular video or event in any other currency than your default one, you can do it while creating an offer from your Cleeng Broadcaster Dashboard.



As we expand our services and penetrate new markets this list will continue grow so keep an eye on it! If you are looking to launch your service in an unsupported language or currency, please contact us for information on how you can get it added. 


Viewer Payment Methods

If you are using Cleeng as your Merchant of record, all actual transactions are processed directly through the Cleeng server using SSL encryption; our solution is fully PCI DSS compliant ensuring safe and secure payments. Also, we partnered with Adyen B.V. and other leading payment providers to enable and process these methods and currencies.


Payment methods available:

  • Major credit cards
  • PayPal
  • Credit wallet
  • In-app payments
  • Variety of local methods
  • Telco integrations


Cleeng also integrates local payment providers and Telcos based on client requests to activate new methods. Please contact us to gain more information or apply for local payment methods.



International Ticket Pricing

International Ticket Pricing refers to the cost of a ticket/subscription that the viewer will see with the automatic calculation of VAT. Please see below for a few examples of how it works.




1. Broadcaster is based in the EU - VAT is automatically calculated to the country in which the broadcaster is based.


To illustrate: 

Broadcaster Location: France (20% VAT)

  • Broadcaster sets offer price to 10 EUR
  • Broadcaster Net Earnings: (10/1.2) = 8.33 (This is the price on which subsequent VATs will be calculated in other EU countries)
  • VAT France: 1.77

Viewer Location: Poland (23% VAT)

  • Broadcaster Net Earnings: 8.33
  • VAT Poland: 1.92
  • Viewer pays: 10.25

Viewer Location: France (20% VAT)

  • Broadcaster Net Earnings: 8.33
  • VAT France: 1.77
  • Viewer pays: 10

2. If the Broadcaster is based outside the EU - VAT is not set, and margin is at full offer price.


To illustrate: 

Broadcaster Location: USA (0% VAT)

  • Broadcaster sets offer price to 10 EUR
  • Broadcaster Net Earnings: 10 (This is the price on which subsequent VATs will be calculated in other EU countries)
  • VAT: N/A

Viewer Location: Poland (23% VAT)

  • Broadcaster Net Earnings: 10
  • VAT Poland: 2.30
  • Viewer pays: 12.30

Viewer Location: USA (0% VAT)

  • Broadcaster Net Earnings: 10
  • VAT USA: 0
  • Viewer pays: 10



Supported Languages

Catering to the evolving world market, Cleeng currently offers it’s solution in 16 different languages and has more on the way! So whether you are setting up a Live Pay-Per-View in Brazil or a Video-on-demand in Mongolia, Cleeng's entire platform is already translated to ensure you can reach your viewers in multiple languages.