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What Languages Are Supported?


Cleeng Core and Cleeng Merchant caters to the evolving world market, by currently offering it’s solution in 16 different languages with more on the way! So whether you are setting up a Live Pay-Per-View in Brazil or a SVOD Platform in Mongolia, your entire platform can be translated and launched in many languages to ensure you reach your viewers where ever they ma be. Every step of the checkout, as well as emails, the 'My Account' widget and associated Merchant activities, are already translated. The language display to the end user is either based on the auto-detect feature or the force language set by the end user.


Supported Languages




As we expand our services and penetrate new markets this list will continue grow so keep an eye on it! If you are looking to launch your service in an unsupported language, please contact our support team for information on how you can have it added. 



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