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  • Access expires at

Cleeng provides full access control to your digital content. A viewer can either have  unlimited access or their access rights can expire on a particular date. The 'Access expires at' is a parameter that indicates when the viewer is allowed to access your digital content (or offer). As a Broadcaster, you are able to extend this in the dashboard.


  • Applicable TAX rate

This describes the tax rate applied to a transaction. By default, TAX is not applicable for Broadcasters that are based outside the EU due to the nature of digital goods and the legal setup of Cleeng.

In EU, Cleeng adds VAT appropriate to the country in which the buyer is located at the time of sale and there’s no further action or configuration required from Cleeng Broadcasters.
Cleeng collects VAT based on the consumer location and registered profile. The payout to Broadcasters is made excl. VAT.
Monthly, Cleeng reports - using the VAT Mini One Stop Shop (VAT MOSS) - the total VAT collected per country, and the administration dispatches money to particular countries.Please make sure all your Broadcaster information is up-to-date.


  • Average order value (AOV)

It's an average transaction price (excl. tax) in a given period. This parameter is displayed in the currency of a Broadcaster (or affiliate) and it's calculated by dividing the revenue by total paid transactions.

Note: excluding all free transactions. For example, if you created a coupon that gives your customer a 100% discount, it won't be included when calculating the AOV.



  • Bundle (offer)

Bundle offers give you a truly powerful way to grow your audience...and revenue. A bundle consists of a few offers (single/rental/live) that your customers can access with one single transaction. For instance - if you're an independent movie maker and you're selling your drama series through Cleeng, your customers will be able to access all 12 episodes of season 3, making just one purchase, instead of 12 separate payments. 

This is part of our API configuration.


  • Blacklisted (offer)

It means that an offer cannot be purchased anymore. If a customer attempts to make a purchase, they will see an error message. Customers who have access rights will be able to access the content  if the content is still available on the site.



  • Cancellation

It's a type of accounting operation that reverses an original transaction. It can be triggered by a bank/payment provider (charge back) or by an approved refund. Cancellations result in credits or money given back to the customer.


  • Campaign name

It's the name of a campaign you decide to use in order to identify the coupon or set of coupons in your reports.


  • Cancellation fee

A fee charged to the original Broadcaster in case there's been a cancellation. (Refund fee-  €1 or equivalent, and chargeback fee – €8 or equivalent).


  • Cancellation rate

Percentage of cancellations made on the total number of your transactions - in a given period.


  • Cancellations granted

It's a sum of the total cancellations that have been granted and a sum of the chargebacks and approved cancellation requests in a given period. In both cases, it results in money or credits that are issued back to a customer.


  • Cancelled revenue

Your total revenue is reversed due to cancellations made in a given period. See "Revenue".


  • Cancellations pending

Cancellation requests that haven't been processed yet. They can either be rejected or granted.


  • Cancellations rejected

Cancellation requests that have been rejected e.g. because a customer's problems have been solved or customer's inquiry was invalid.


  • Cancellations requested

Every customer has an option of requesting a cancellation. They enter a  'cancellation reason' and request their transaction to be reversed. Based on the reason and its validity, Cleeng will approve or reject a cancellation request. In some cases, Cleeng will consult the Broadcaster for final judgement.


  • Chargeback

This occurs when a bank/PSP forces Cleeng to pay back money to a customer. A chargeback triggers a 'cancellation' automatically.


  • Churn IQ

Churn IQ is Cleeng's specialized Data Intelligence Solution. This tool allows top-tier broadcasters globally to tackle churn during all stages of the subscriber journey! ChurnIQ is an Enterprise offering and is not accessible to Pay-As-You-Go users, you can find more information here.


The percentage of subscribers that have churned within a given period of time:
Churn rate = (Churned subscribers / existing subscribers) * 100%
  >>>>PS: for a given period of time, churned subscribers who signed up as ‘New’ are not included


  • Cleeng Live

Cleeng Live is a simply powerful solution for securely monetizing your Live Pay-Per-View events online that allows broadcasters to set up and begin selling in just a few minutes. When using Cleeng Live, you get everything you need to manage your live event, before, during and after the event. We take care of the landing page, efficient payment solutions in many countries and currencies, customer care and reporting.

  • Content

This is what you offer - an accessible piece of content available for the customers who made a purchase to view. Can be in any format - video, pdf or html.


  • Content external ID

This is an unique reference code for the piece of content in a Broadcaster's own CMS. It can be used to match offer IDs with IDs used in the CMS.


  • Content type

The content type defines if your offer gives access to a protected article, a video, an image, or a download. This is also used in reporting.


  •  Conversion rate / (Conv.)

"Total transactions" divided by "Unique visitors" in given period.


  • Cleeng Core

Cleeng Core provides comprehensive modules for effectively managing your subscribers through our flexible and robust APIs and platform. Cleeng Core includes identity and access management, entitlement management, subscriber billing management and an analytics dashboard that includes insights and tooling for your customer service. You can find more product information here.


  • Coupon Code (discount coupon code)

A code used for promotions or support purposes that can be generated and distributed by a Broadcaster. Customer can enter this to receive free access or a discount. How to create coupons? Read more here>> 

  • Coupons used

Amount of coupons that have been activated and used by your customers to purchase offers or access the offered content.


  • Customer country

This is the country setting of a viewer. The initial country setting is automatically selected based on their  IP detection. Note: this parameter affects the payment methods available to the customers.


  • Customer currency

The currency in which the customer sets up their initial account. It can be changed later on by the customers themselves. When a customer is logged in to their Cleeng account, the receipt currency is automatically displayed in the currency they selected earlier.


  • Customer ID

Unique reference code for each customer, that has a Cleeng account. 


  • Discount rate

The percentage of a discount applied on your offer price. 


  • Discounted offer price

The applicable price on content after any discount is added on top. It's displayed based on the currency set by the Broadcaster. 


  • Distributor earnings

Cleeng supports a very advanced dual reporting and authorization mechanism used by content platforms and media conglomerates. In this setup, it can be configured so that the distributor also takes a cut of every transaction that is made. These earnings are called the distributor earnings.



  • Earnings

Earnings describe the actual money you make in a given period or on given transaction. It automatically deducts a payment method fee, as well as VAT for European customers.


  • Event offer

A live event offer is created in order to sell access to a live broadcasted event.




  • Free access (transaction)

Free access is also perceived as a type of a transaction.

We talk about free access if a customer acquired access to the content by:

1. using a 100% discount coupon

2. was whitelisted

3. using free (metered) access

4. using a CRM gateway

5. accessing an offer priced by a Broadcaster as ZERO. 



  • Cleeng Hi5

Cleeng Hi5 provides broadcasters with a unique and very easy to deploy out-of-the-box Customer Support Solution helping you to build a service your customers love. We provide the processes, staffing, training, and tools so to delier exceptional customer service to your clients.  Cleeng Hi5 is an Enterprise offering, and is not accessible to Pay-As-You-Go clients, except when bundled with a packaged solution (e.g, Cleeng Live Pay-Per-View, or Brightcove OTT Flow).



  • Impressions  / Impr. 

Impressions are views (or pageviews) of the piece of offered content. In most cases, this is every time the 'Buy' button is displayed to a customer though for custom setups, this can vary depending on the actual implementation.  



  • Locale

These are the language settings of a customer, according to the ISO standard (nl_NL, be_FR, be_NL). For new viewers, this is automatically based on their browser language. Locale affects the language, number and date formats shown. It doesn't affect available payment methods (see also: customer currency, customer country). 



  • Managed User

Cleeng fees are based on the number of ‘Managed Users’ which is defined as: ‘someone with a valid paid entitlement access to an offer in a given month’. Ie, anyone who is a subscriber or has purchased a digital product in the month regardless of the offer type, payment gateway, subscription status, or discount in a given month.


  • Merchant

Cleeng Merchant provides your organization with a simple and secure solution for handling ePayments and optimizing your checkout process. Cleeng Merchant offers a multi-lingual checkout, that is truly optimised for high conversion rates in many countries and currencies. It is deeply integrated with leading payment providers such as Adyen and Paypal for payment processing, as well as handling all legal compliance (GDPR), financial, taxation (VAT, GST…) and fraud constraints for you.


  • Multi currency offer ID

A unique reference code for protected content with letters indicating a multi-currency offer. Example: R123123123, the localized versions have then R123123123_FR, R123123123_US



  • Offer

A set of accessing and selling conditions for releasing your content.


  • Offer country

A 2 letter country code of a country where the offer is available for purchasing or viewing. This value is optional and can be defined by the Broadcaster. By default, it displays XX, that indicates a 'global' audience.


  • Offer currency

The currency in which the offer is set by the Broadcaster. By default, it's displayed in the Broadcaster's currency.


  • Offer description

A teaser text that helps you to sell the offer. Depending on your implementation, it can be shown to your customers to convince your audience to make a purchase. See also "Offer title".


  • Offer ID

Every offer a Broadcaster creates has a unique reference code  - ID. For example: R123123123_FR.

Broadcasters can use the offer ID to initiate a purchase or track sales of this offer.


  • Offer period

Defines how long your customer will have access to your offer after they make a purchase. A single offer is always unlimited and rental gives access for an exact period of time (via the API defined in hours). A subscription indicates the recurring period (weekly/monthly/3-months/6-months/annual) of a purchase.


  • Offer price (excl. TAX)

The price is set by the Broadcaster as defined in the offer currency and is automatically in  the Broadcaster;s currency. For Broadcasters in the EEC, this will automatically exclude VAT.


  • Offer price (incl TAX)

This is a defined price to access the offer, and the default price (and currency) shown to the customer (before discounts).


  • Offer title

The factual text about an offer. For single/rental/events - it defines the title of the published content. For other events –it simply indicates the title of the offer. An offer title is used to confirm a purchase and consist of max. 70 characters. See also "Offer description".


  • Offer type

The Cleeng framework supports multiple offer types. They are all accessible via API and can be integrated within any CMS or platform.

  • Single (A) - Unique sale, unlimited access (pay-per-item)
  • Rental (R) - Pay-per-view, for a limited period
  • Event (E) - Selling access to live broadcasting (incl. pre-booking)
  • Bundle (B) - Access to defined set of single/rental items
  • Pass (P) - Day or Season Pass. Access to multiple single/rental items
  • Subscriptions (S) - Site membership; recurring payment


  • Paid purchase (transaction)

Any customer transaction with a purchase  >0.00 - excluding transactions due to subscriptions.


  • Pass (offer) 

This can be a day pass or a season pass. It is a one- time payment that gives access to all protected content.


  •  Payment method

How the actual payment is done - credits, mc, visa, amex, ideal, sms, ivr, direct banking, etc.


  • Previous service deposit

A service deposit kept on account since the last pay-out.


  • Privacy

A customer's privacy settings indicate if the Broadcaster is allowed to use the customer's email address for commercial purposes or for service emails only.


  • Broadcaster earnings (earnings)

The amount of the Broadcaster's actual earnings, displayed in Broadcaster's currency. See also 'Earnings' and 'Distributor earnings'.


  • Broadcaster ID

A unique reference of each Broadcaster who has a Cleeng account. Also used in some JS API functions.


  • Broadcaster site name

The name of the Broadcaster's website. It is also used in communication towards the customer.



  • Recurring revenue

Revenue that recurred from sales in a previous period and likely to continue in the future.

PS: for a given period of time, new generated revenue is not included, this will be considered recurring in the next period

  • Refund

A type of cancellation where the customer gets their money back.


  • Registration type

This indicates how a viewer initially logged in with Cleeng. Access types include Facebook, Google, Yahoo,  PayPal, combination of email and password,  email-only ( a TVOD process, when viewer has no account), remote-login or API (associate creation via API).


  • Rental offer

A type of offer that provides access with expiration date, for example 48 hours. Customers can purchase one rental offer multiple times.


  • Reported abuses

The amount of abuse or complaints received in a given period.


  • Revenue 

The total gross revenue in a given period. (See "Cancellation revenue"). By default,  the revenue is displayed in the currency of the Broadcaster. It's a sum of the transactions in a set period (excl. tax). Note: for Distributor configurations - Cleeng also displays ‘Distributor revenue' - which is the sum of the transaction price in the distributor’s currency (excl VAT).


  • Revenue per 1000 impressions

A performance indicator of your content/offer. Can be used to compare advertising income.


  • Revenue per visitor

Also known as revenue per 'Unique visitor'. It can be used to indicate how much is needed to drive more traffic.



  • Service deposit

The money left in an account after a pay-out is made to the Broadcaster. This is set at 2%. 


  • Single offer

An offer to sell unlimited access to content. One viewer account can only purchase a single offer in a life-time.


  • Subscriber Retention Management

The new reality for the OTT Industry


  • Subscription (transaction)

A transaction related to a subscription offer. This is shown in the subscriber overview on the Broadcaster dashboard.


  • Subscription (offer)

A type of offer with recurring billing. Once you subscribe, we will bill you automatically for the set period(monthly, bi-monthly etc.). 

You can manage / cancel your subscription from your account - click here to see the tutorial. 


  • Subscription action
    • New - new subscription to your offer
    • Renewal - renewed subscription
    • Payment Rejected - if a payment for the subscription was made, but didn't go through; if a customer used a credit card, he might want to contact the bank for more details about the rejection.  
    • Customer Stopped - subscription cancelled/stopped by a customer
    • Broadcaster Stopped. - subscription cancelled/stopped by a Broadcaster.


  • Subscription status
    • Active
    • Stopped (still access, but no billing)
    • Expired (no access anymore)


  • Subscriber Overview

Status and its meaning

New - New subscribers acquired within a given period of time
Existing - Active subscribers at the beginning of a given period of time
Active end of period - Active subscribers at the end of a given period of time
Churned by customer - Churned due to self-cancellation within a given period of time
Churned by payment - Churned due to rejected payment within a given period of time
Churned by Broadcaster - Churned due to cancellation of offer within a given period of time

Active end of period = New + Existing - Total churned


  • Tattoo 3.0

Tattoo 3.0 is an advanced anti-piracy protection and credential sharing solution. It offers a level of security to your premium videos by combining multiple protection layers, which contain among other things watermarking to counteract screencasting and session control to counteract account sharing.


  • Total earnings

The sum of the Broadcasters' and distributors' earnings displayed in the distributor's currency. It is counted based on the ECB exchange rate of the day of the transactions.


  • Total revenue

The sum of the "Revenue" which is associated with the "Transactions Price" excluding VAT. See also "Revenue".


  • Total eligible earnings

The total earnings minus credits used, cancellation fees and optional additional fees (including previous service deposit).


  • Total transactions

The sum of  the transactions made in a given period. Note: cancellations are not deducted.


  • Total transactions NET

The total transactions minus 'cancellations granted' in a given period.


  • Transaction

The actual purchase of an offer. With a transaction, the customer gets new access rights to the content in an offer. See also "Free access", "Paid purchase" or "subscription (transaction)".


  • Transaction ID

This creates a unique reference in the transaction table that lists any type of transaction. It consists of a 9-number digit string, starting with a letter T (example: T123123123). Also,it is the main reference used for communication about purchases, and listed in the receipt for the customer.


  •  Transaction price (excl. TAX)

The offer price (excl. TAX), minus discount, in the currency of a transaction. Note "Offer Price (excl TAX)"  is often equal, but can deviate when customer paid in different currency.


  • Transaction price in distributor currency (excl TAX)

This is only applicable for a distributor/associate setup: It gives the transactions price in a distributor's currency. It equals revenue generated by the Broadcaster (of the distributor). We count it based on the daily ECB exchange rate. 


  • Transaction price in Broadcaster currency (excl TAX)

This is only applicable for a distributor/associate setup. It's the transaction price in the currency set by a Broadcaster. Equals revenues are generated by a Broadcaster. We count it based on the daily ECB exchange rate.



  • Unique visitors / UV

 Unique visitors (or visitors) refers to the number of distinct individuals who viewed your offer during a given period regardless of how often they visited. 


  • URL (of offer)

The URL of an offer is the link to a premium content that you offer. Even if content is published in multiple places, only one "landing URL" is stored in the platform. 


  • Viewer fingerprint

The technology (feature) that detects and prevents fraudulent behaviour. Fingerprinting it analyzes the trove of information sent automatically by devices that can statistically identify viewers. Every customer has their unique 'fingerprint' in the system. We can tell based upon it who and when/how many times someone has accessed the content.



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