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Cleeng origins

Cleeng services were launched to the public in early February 2011 and has quickly come to the forefront of the OTT industry with leading technology, products and talent. Cleeng empowers content owners, broadcasters and publishers to fully embrace the potential of videos.


Whether you’re a major sports team owner, a e-sport or a conference, a spiritual leader, or a broadcaster Cleeng help you go direct to consumer and connect with your audience, all around the world!


Since our founding in 2011, we’ve have been serving global brands such as: FIFA, Golden Boy Promotion, Final Fantasy, One Championship, American Marketing Association, Nordic Business Forum, and Blink to monetize their videos through PPV Live and Subscription VOD.


Our mission is to help you bring your community together through the best video experience and provide the tools to deliver the magic from authentication, e-commerce and security.


Check out this pic from our humble beginnings!




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