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How can I associate my video offers?


You can easily link your video offers to sell them with different access/purchase options when using Core. You can:

  • Easily offer a VOD replay of a past event you created with us,
  • Add VOD to an existing subscription,
  • Or you can link a video to an existing bundle/pass offer.


Associating a video 

1. You'll find the association functionality in the second step (Setting up your price) of the Live event and Video on-demand creation.



2. All you need to do is to decide which offers you want to link to the video you're creating. You have two choices from the drop down menu: 'Link this video to a subscription or a pass' or 'Link this video to a past live event'.



3. As a result, your viewer will see the following options:


  • Link your video to a past event as a replay;


  • Link your video to a bundle/pass;


  • Link your video to a subscription.





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