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> Security and Piracy Prevention

To prevent your videos from being illegally distributed or viewers sharing their account after a purchase.
Our privacy prevention stack includes:
- Viewer level validation:
1- Unique viewer credentials: In order to purchase a video, the viewer needs to create an account (through Facebook, Google, or email/password). This account contains all of the viewer's access privileges (purchases). It can be used across devices to access the videos anytime, anywhere.
2- IP validation: Cleeng enforces granular access control to specific countries and the number of simultaneous viewer IPs. Cleeng will control that a given viewer does not access his account using more than 3 IPs (or device) within 6 hours. This way, would someone share their credentials with "friends", their access would be automatically blocked.
- Browser level validation:
1- Browser ID: next to IP validation, it is also possible to enforce the number of Browser IDs authorized for a given viewer. Every Browser has a Unique ID, that can be read when accessing the web page.
2- Cleeng DRISC: (Dynamic Real-time Identity and Session Control): Behind this acronym lies an advanced technology built by Cleeng to prevent viewers from sharing their account. It automatically controls the number of open sessions per user, and activate/deactivate specific sessions automatically (think how Spotify works). DRISC is the most advanced solution to manage Concurrent Stream Limit enforcement.
- Player level validation:
1- Domain Restriction: Playback is limited to a single domain (eg: **.cleeng.com). This is mandatory for any paid video.
2- Player ID: Ensures that video streams may be played only from an authorized OVP Player using a unique token.

- DRM: DRM allows to add an encryption key to each video. DRMs are provided by the OVP platform (typically Adobe Access, Microsoft PlayReady, Google Widevine) See for example: http://support.brightcove.com/en/video-cloud/docs/protecting-your-videos-drm.

- Cleeng Tattoo [LiNk]: Individual Stream Watermarking, also called Forensic Watermarking.  Each video stream contains a unique viewer ID. This ID is invisible to human, yet part of the stream. It prevents screen-grabbing and puts the responsibility and trust on the viewer. This is the most advanced security possible.
By default, Viewer credential validation + IP validation + Domain Restriction and Player ID Tokenization are enforced when selling using Cleeng.
Please contact us for more details about our enterprise solutions DRISC or Tattoo.