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Promoting your event on Twitter and Facebook

Promoting your pay-per-view event in social media is a no-brainer and having a teaser is a surefire way to attract potential viewers and visitors to get an idea of what is about to happen.

Cleeng made this process easy for you! On the Live event that you created with Cleeng, simply paste it directly from YouTube in the 4th step of your event creation flow:


Once your Cleeng event is ready, you can also give the viewer a sense of the vibe and the content quality on Facebook and Twitter!  

All you need to do is to share the URL on your Cleeng event-hosted page with your Twitter and Facebook feeds.  It will automatically be ‘read’ and then displayed within the post, just like in the examples below:


Twitter card


Facebook card


When someone shares a link to your pre-booking page, the video will be also added automatically to the post.


For further assistance, feel free to contact our friendly Cleeng Support Team as they will be happy to assist you.