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What are the available payment methods?

Currently, Cleeng supports over 180 different payment methods and 22+ currencies.

Among these methods are the major credit cards, Paypal, in-app payments, the credit wallet, Telcos and a number of local payment methods (e.g Maestro/Solo in the UK, Ideal in the Netherlands, ELV in Germany etc.).


All actual transactions are processed directly through the Cleeng server using SSL encryption; our solution is fully PCI DSS compliant ensuring safe and secure payments. Also, we partnered with Adyen B.V. and other leading payment providers to enable and process these methods and currencies.

Payment methods available:

  • Major credit cards

  • PayPal

  • Credit wallet

  • In-app payments

  • Variety of local methods

  • Telco integrations

Cleeng also integrates local payment providers and Telcos based on client requests to activate new methods. Please contact us to gain more information or apply for local payment methods.