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Resending Viewer Receipts


From time to time, viewers may request to resend their receipt due to various reasons. One cause would be to access their purchased content via receipt or for tax audits and the list goes on. This standard feature is available in your dashboard and can be done anytime.


How to resend a viewer receipt

1. On Cleeng dashboard, click the "Accounts" tab under the "Customer Relationship" section. 



2. Key in the the email address of the viewer in the Search box or simply click on the email address that appears.



3. By doing that, this will take you into a new screen containing the Customer's details and as well as all the sent emails at the bottom of the page. Click on the paper plane icon to resend.


Important note:

The eye icon  is the preview of the email that was sent to the viewer. You can check on this one first to ensure that you will be re-sending the correct receipt.

The paper plane icon  is the resend button.



4. Since the email field is editable you can also resend the receipt to another email address (sometimes it happens that a viewer has signed up but made a mistake while entering their email address. In that case, you are able to re-send it to their alternative email address). Simply type in the alternate email address then hit resend:







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