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Viewing Offer Sales Data


Understanding your offer sales is key to understanding your viewer demographics, offer viability and generated revenue. Here's a simple guide on how to do so via the Cleeng dashboard using Cleeng Core:


1. Go to 'Offers sales' tab under the 'Reporting' section where you will see all your offers listed.


*Here you have the option to search using offer types, Offer ID and dates.



2. Click the 'see transaction' icon -  this will reveal all viewer transactions for this offer. 



3. After clicking 'see transaction' icon, you will be redirected to the Customer Transactions tab. From here, you can click the drop-down at the rightmost part o the section.



4. Upon clicking the drop-down, you can go even deeper on this particular transaction like, see the Transaction Details and Accounting side of things. 

Customer Transactions view in Dashboard:







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