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Unique video views vs Transactions reporting


Some of our broadcasters are asking: "Hey, I see 2,000 tickets sold in my Cleeng dashboard, while my OVP (Online Video Platform) reporting show 3,500 Unique views". Where are the missing 1,500 tickets?


It is important to understand how 'Viewership Analytics' work for most reporting tools.

Whether you use Google Analytics or use the reporting provided by your OVP, they both use similar technologies based on User IPs and Session based cookies.


Such solutions are far less accurate than tracking based on user authentication. For comparison, it is like counting people who visit an airport opposed to people actually catching a flight.


The main difference comes from the fact that a single viewer can login from different devices, before, during and/or after a show. Each IP (even for few seconds) is counted separately by the OVP or the Analytics tool.


What are "Unique Views"? 

Views per browser opened of a given post. If someone opens multiple tabs in the same browser, that is 1 unique view. However, if that person opens your event in one browser (Google Chrome) and also opens it in another browser (Mozilla Firefox), that will count as 2 unique views.


Let's look at a practical case: 







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