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Selling your iPlayerHD videos



To begin your experience with iPlayerHD and Cleeng, follow this path:

• If you already have a Cleeng account with a Broadcaster status, proceed straight to #2.

• In the event that you still haven't signed up for a Cleeng Broadcaster account, start with #1:


1. iPlayerHD Login -> Manage my Account -> Cleeng API Token “Get One” 

2. Once the account is created, obtain your API Token and paste it into the appropriate window in your iPlayerHD ‘Manage my Account’.  To obtain your API Token, in your Cleeng account, go to -> Settings -> API keys

3. Next, in Settings, update at least ‘Styling’ and ‘Earnings & Payout’.

4. Embedding your videos with Cleeng plugged is identical to embedding without the plugin. Playlists work the same as well. Only those videos in your playlist with Cleeng plugged in will be affected. Cleeng will not work on videos embedded in Facebook; in fact, videos there will be rendered unviewable if they are embedded in Facebook with Cleeng plugged in.

In your Cleeng Settings, you will find a Single Sale option. The settings you create for your videos in your iPlayerHD account will override anything you place in this area, so it is best for you to ignore the Single Sale option.


In the iPlayerHD video edit mode of the video you are selling, you have control over the following:

• Price per video – Use this to set your price. The minimum price is $0.49. The format is .49  or 1.49 - you do not need the $ sign. When you create your account with Cleeng, you'll find that they have a Settings option that controls Single Sales. As stated above, the iPlayerHD edit mode overrides that, so there is no need to use the Cleeng Single Sales setting for price.

• Paywall Starting Point - This will be displayed in seconds.  If you want a 20-second preview, enter ‘20’ into this window.  If you choose zero, then when the play button is activated, the video will not start and the paywall will appear immediately.  You may use this if you do not want a preview.

• Description – This will appear in the Paywall.

• Rental Period – Choose from Unlimited, 24 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours, 30 days, and 90 days.





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