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> Selling your Wistia videos

If you have chosen to Wistia as our online video provider, you're in good hands. Let us walk you through the step's on how to set up and protect your video using Wistia and Cleeng.


1. Once you have added your video to the Wistia platform, we would advise you to protect your content. Log into your Wistia account, go to your 'Account' > 'Settings'


2. Once you have entered your settings page, select "Account" on the right hand side tool bar. Now simply scroll down the page to "Domain restrictions". Select the ‘Enabled’ button and then enter the Cleeng.com domain to have it white-listed. Don't forget to save your updates!


3. To make sure you can fully leverage Cleeng's social sharing options, you need to disable the social sharing functionality of your Wistia video. Go to the video you plan to sell and click on 'Video actions', then on ‘Customize'.


4. In the 'Social bar', disable all sharing. This can be done by clicking the 'on' button highlighted in the box below which will become 'off'. 


5. Now go back to the 'Video Actions' menu and click on 'Embed & Share'. Copy the 'Inline embed' code and head to your Cleeng Video On-Demand creation flow.



6. Paste your embed code in the Cleeng Video On-Demand creation flow step 3. If you have absolutely no idea how to create Cleeng Video On-Demand, don't worry just take a quick look here? Check out this tutorial>>



Now you are ready to go! Happy selling!