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Selling your Vimeo videos


How to prepare your Vimeo-hosted video to sell it with Cleeng On-demand? 

Here's how:

1. Go to your Vimeo account or if you don't have an account yet register for free at this link 

Click on the little gear icon on the video you want to sell. This will display the editing options.



2. Head to the 'Privacy' tab and restrict the settings as shown on the screenshot below.

• Hide this video from Vimeo website

• Enter http://cleeng.com in the section that allows you to choose website where you will embed your video onto. 

• Disable commenting, adding to collections and downloading options. 

• Then hit on 'Save changes'.



3. Go ahead and copy the embed code of this video from the 'Embed' tab.


4. Now it's time to prepare this video for selling.

Go to your Cleeng account and click on 'Video-on-demand' in the left menu. From here create a new video-on-demand or edit a video-on-demand you created with us before (simply click the gear icon in the top-right corner of the existing video). 

If you're creating a new video-on-demand, check this FAQ that will guide you through the process.



5. You can paste the embed code you copied from Vimeo in the 3rd step, just like this:




You're all set!

Make sure your video is ready for sale, by accomplishing all 4 steps. Then hit the 'Update' button.



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