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How to create your first Video On Demand




Cleeng On-Demand is the easiest and fastest way of selling all your premium video content  increasingly popular categories include workout videos, spiritual retreats, cooking classes and many others....


How to create your first VOD

Once you have uploaded your video(s) to any of the OVP platforms we integrate with, create a Cleeng broadcaster account.

Then follow this video guide that will show you how to start selling.



**Please note that when adding your video embed while preparing your video for sales, you will need to restrict the domain to cleeng.com only — you can do it on the OVP you host your video(s) on.


Click here to see our API reference offer for creating a Video on Demand.


How to prepare your videos for selling:


Associating your offers 

UPDATE: You will notice a great feature in the second step of your VOD creation flow. It allows you to associate your VOD to an existing live event offer (to offer a replay) or pass/ bundle, or subscription. You can read how it works here.



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