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> How to make a VOD or Pass and embed it on your website

We quite often receive a common question from our broadcasters, "How do I make a VOD or Pass and embed it on my own website?"

Well, we now have a simple visual that will guide you along step by step. Please follow the instructions below and you'll be on your way in no time!


Step 1: Go to https://cleeng.com/ then create a broadcaster account by clicking the 'Try for free' button at the upper right hand corner of the page


Step 2: Fill out the necessary details of the broadcaster form then click 'Sign up'.


Step 3: Click on the 'Video on demand' tab under the 'My offers' section of your dashboard.


Step 4: Click on the 'Create new video offer' button to to start creating a 'Video on Demand (VOD)'.


Step 5: Follow the workflow to create your new 'Video-on-demand (VOD)'. You can also watch a video tutorial here for an in depth breakdown


Step 6: Embed the 'Video-on-demand (VOD)' to your website.

Once you create your VOD, you can copy its embed code from the event hosted page. Simply click on “Get your embed code!” button at the bottom of the video screen.

Then simply paste the embed code to your website




Step 1: Create a “Season Pass” offer by clicking on the 'Subscription' tab under the 'My offers' section of your dashboard.

Step 2: Click the 'Create subscriptions' button on the upper right hand corner of the dashboard.


Step 3: Follow the workflow to create your Pass Offer. Make sure that you select the 'Season Pass' button. You can also check out this tutorial for an in depth breakdown.


Step 4: Get the 'embed code' of a certain pass by clicking the wrench icon beside it.



Step 5: A window will appear with instructions on how to embed it on your website. Copy the code from step 1 and place it in the 'head' of your web application.


Step 6: Choose the checkout style you prefer. 


Step 7: Copy & Paste the embed codes to your site.

Step 8: Validate the entitlements using getAccessStatus() 


Here are a few custom examples of what your VOD + Pass, embedded on your own website can look like.




Now you are ready to go!!

For any other questions please contact the Cleeng Support Team for further help.