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> What email messages are sent to my subscribers?

Cleeng comes out of the box with an advanced set of rules around recurring billing logic and accompanying notification emails. Below, you will find an overview of the email templates in English that are triggered towards subscribers who purchase an SVOD offer.
You can customize and brand all of these emails via "Publisher Profile' on your Publisher Dashboard under 'Settings'.
All notification emails are translated, and will adapt to the language settings of your viewer. (See supported languages)
You will find the following parameters in those templates:
  • Publisher Name - Company or Brand name that you entered during sign-up. You can edit this in your dashboard under “Publisher Profile”.
  • Period - Period of the offer that the subscriber bought, like “monthly” for example.
  • Expiration Date - The next billing date, or the date that the access expires for that given user.
  • My Account URL - Link to the place where the customer can manage their account. Either on cleeng.com/my-account, or on your own domain when you use the “myAccount”-widget. 
The following triggers are defined here:
  • Initial SVOD transaction receipt: Customer has signed-up on your website for a specific SVOD offer.


  • When a customer stops their subscription: Customer decides to stop their subscription in the ’my account’ widget. 


  • When customer re-activates their subscription: Customer decides to continue their subscription once again through the ‘my account' widget.


  • When a credit card expires the following month.


  • When payment authorization has failed: Cleeng automatically tries multiple times to trigger the actual payment. This message is only sent once after the second failed trial.


  • When access has expired: This can be due to many different reasons. (see following reasons below)

1. Due to failing payment - even after multiple automatic billing.

2. Due to publisher that discontinued the subscription offer - basically when you decide to delete the offer.

3. Due to customer who stopped the subscription



Please see the subscription email diagram below.