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Cleeng Portal


What is Cleeng Portal?



Cleeng Portal is a live streaming channel, which helps to aggregate all your Live and replay videos in one destination and enhance your viewers experience. Cleeng portal encapsulates:

  • A single environment for all your videos and latest news
  • Optimizes viewer experience through a creative customer centric design - thanks to Cleeng’s live video expertise
  • Promotes interaction among fans via social platform integrations
  • Fully automated for easy & efficient management
  • Supports multiple business models: PPV, passes and subscriptions.



Who is Cleeng Portal for?

Cleeng Portal is a Live focused Online video solution. It is targeted towards all organizations, federations and broadcasters that would like to offer live video content to their fans and viewers in a single environment.

Key benefits of Cleeng Portal are fast to launch, very cost efficient and extremely optimized solution.


Why Cleeng Portal?

Let us explain. Long gone are the days of extremely expensive, confusing, clunky websites.  

If you are looking to create a unique environment where your fans won’t have to miss a second of the action, replays and latest news, then Cleeng Portal is where you need to be.

Our cost efficient channel has been designed for you from years of Cleeng’s live industry expertise. It is simple for your viewer to navigate as well as accommodates you with the option to integrate your social media channels. In turn, providing you a high level of engagement with your fans and viewers. This is done via pre-integrated sharing and commenting functionalities.

In addition, the Portal supports multiple business models:

  • Pay-per-view
  • Passes 
  • Subscriptions


How will Portal be managed?

Easy! Cleeng Portal can be simply managed within your Cleeng broadcaster dashboard. The dashboard allows you to:

  • Change your logo
  • Adjust the look & feel
  • Set up your social channels
  • Control the SEO meta data
  • Create and manage your video offers
  • Create and manage your articles / news updates
  • Manage your categories

Moreover, we allow our broadcasters to directly edit their events, archives or articles from the Portal with a simple but effective edit functionality.


In what time-frame can I launch my own Portal?

Within 2 weeks Cleeng portal can be set-up and you are able to start selling your content worldwide!



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