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View Authentication and Purchase Flow


If you are using Cleeng's turnkey solution to monetise your premium content, it's always beneficial to understand what your viewers will see. Using Cleeng Core, Merchant and Hi-5 your viewers will follow an easy and simple three step process that your viewers follow to gain access to your premium content.


Viewer Flow Screencast 

See how your viewers complete their purchase in just a few simple steps! Please have a watch below:



Other inclusions to support your viewers

While your viewers are purchasing access to your premium content they will be able to do so via a branded checkout that has been translated into 16 languages, and registration and payment will only take a moment. After the viewer has successfully purchased access they will also have access to Cleeng's comprehensive customer support FAQ's and if you are using Hi-5, our friendly Customer Success team works 24/7 to answer any questions servicing up to 28 languages.