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How do I offer a VOD (replay) after an event has ended?


How to offer a replay after your event has ended in Cleeng Live?

At Cleeng Live, we always recommend offering a VOD replay after your live event has ended. This helps to provide viewers with a chance to relive all the best moments and helps to reduce customer contacts and refund requests for those who may have missed the live stream or encountered streaming issues. Most importantly, it's also a chance to continue selling your content! It's super easy and setting it all up will only take you a couple of minutes. 

Here's how it works:




Best Practices

Here are a few tips that we can share from our years of experience:

• Add your replay ASAP. This allows your paying viewers the option to re-watch at their convenience.

• Set a price for new viewers to watch the VOD and boost sales.

• Promote, promote, promote.....and promote some more! You can use Cleeng couponing tools to help spread the word and attract new viewers.

• Make sure to check the 'VOD available' box when creating your event



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