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Security and Piracy Prevention


As part of Cleeng Core, Cleeng has developed a sophisticated way to secure your premium content from being illegally distributed and to avoid viewers sharing their account credentials after purchase. Our Privacy Prevention stack includes:


Viewer Level Validation

1- Unique viewer credentials: In order to purchase a video, the viewer needs to create an account (through Facebook, Google, or email/password). This account contains all of the viewer's access privileges (purchases). It can be used across devices to access the videos anytime, anywhere.


2- IP validation: Cleeng enforces granular access control to specific countries and the number of simultaneous viewer IPs. Cleeng will control that a given viewer does not access his account using more than 3 IPs (or device) within 6 hours. This way, would someone share their credentials with "friends", their access would be automatically blocked.


Browser level validation

1- Browser ID: next to IP validation, it is also possible to enforce the number of Browser IDs authorized for a given viewer. Every Browser has a Unique ID, that can be read when accessing the web page.


2- Cleeng DRISC: (Dynamic Real-time Identity and Session Control): Behind this acronym lies an advanced technology built by Cleeng to prevent viewers from sharing their account. It automatically controls the number of open sessions per viewer, and activate/deactivate specific sessions automatically (think how Spotify works). DRISC is the most advanced solution to manage Concurrent Stream Limit enforcement.


Player level validation

1- Domain Restriction: Playback is limited to a single domain (eg: **.cleeng.com). This is mandatory for any paid video.

2- Player ID: Ensures that video streams may be played only from an authorized OVP Player using a unique token.


Digital Rights Management

Digital Rights Management (DRM) allows you to add an encryption key to each video. DRM's are provided by the OVP platform(typically Adobe Access, Microsoft PlayReady, Google Widevine). See for example: DRM: How to Protect Your Video Content. You can also read more about DRM here.

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