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What is Cleeng Tattoo?









Tattoo is a new video watermarking solution by Cleeng to protect and prevent your videos from screen grabbing. Tattoo will watermark each video with purchasers information, that can be decoded & traced to increase the security level of your video content. The purpose is to 
prevent illegal copying and re-distribution of video streams.

Individual Stream Watermarking, also called Forensic Watermarking. Each video stream contains a unique viewer ID. This ID is invisible to human, yet part of the stream. This is the most advanced security possible. By default, Viewer credential validation + IP validation + Domain Restriction and Player ID Tokenization are enforced when selling using Cleeng. 



So around now, you are probably asking yourself.... How does this thing work?

Well, let us explain. By placing a visible watermark (shown below) on each video with a unique code, we can instantly detect the source of the pirated stream and revoke access. The watermark becomes visible after 20 seconds of the video being played. The watermark also moves around the screen to avoid pirates sharing the video whilst blurring sections of the stream.








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