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How to embed events onto my own website?


How to embed the event on your own website from Cleeng Live?

Step 1: Copy the embed code

Once you create your Cleeng Live event, you will be able to copy its embed code from the event-hosted page. Simply click on 'Embed event' in the menu at the top of your event page.


• Make sure to enter the preferred video resolution. Here's a short video showing exactly how you can edit your video's width and height. 



• Then simply copy the embed code and paste it onto your website.

Step 2: Ensure you have an FAQ on your website

To make sure your viewers can find the answers to their most common questions during the event, you MUST include a FAQ link on your own website.


How do you add a FAQ to your website?

You need to link from the website where you embedded your event to the FAQ page on your Cleeng Live event-hosted page. The most user-friendly way is to create either a separate page/section on your website (example here) or a button that people can click on with a text that reads something like, “Read FAQ's here.” If you can't add a button or an extra page to your website, simply paste a link below the player on the FAQ page on your Cleeng Live event-hosted page.

Here's an example of how to construct such a link:

(You need to add ‘/faq’ after your Cleeng event-hosted page URL, just like in the example.)



Step 3: Ensure you can handle the traffic

You might experience a sudden spike in visitors to your website that your current hosting provider cannot handle. The last thing you need is for your own website to go down during the event.  Please be sure to perform a load test before your event starts on your own website.





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