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Event Readiness Fee


When organizing a large event using Cleeng Live, Event Readiness fees are in place to secure the smooth execution of your event and help prepare for the surges in viewership you’re expecting. 


Why is it important to estimate your event viewership properly?

A live event can generate massive amounts of traffic and transaction volume in a very short time. For reference, on average, we see that about 10% of transactions happen in the 10 minute period prior to the start of an event. If you forecast 50,000 transactions, that means 5,000 transactions will happen in 10 minutes, and about 100,000 people will be accessing your website during that time. We need to make sure your website and the support teams are capable of absorbing this surge of traffic and transactions.

Note: By default when using Cleeng Live, Cleeng Hi-5 is also activated with a 15 minute SLA to support your viewers. Cleeng can only commit on the Support SLA's if the estimates are accurate.


What exactly does the Event Readiness fee cover?

Event readiness allows us to:

  1. Work together to best estimate the viewership. Our expert sales team can assist, so you can set the right targets, based on your audience, social following and marketing plan.
  2. Cleeng tech team will conduct infrastructure load testing end-to-end, from your website to all consumer touch points, including login, payment screens, and video streaming.
  3. Customer support team will be pre-booked and briefed about the specifics of your event, so to allow the smooth and efficient support of your consumers during the event. 
  4. For larger events, more preparatory measures are required for the event to run smoothly; inform payment providers about the expected surge, dedicated infrastructure monitoring, control of the social handlers. The larger the event, the higher the risks, so we all need to make sure everything runs smoothly.


Event readiness fees are based on the estimated event viewership:

Currency US Dollars Euros GBP
Up to 1000 Free Free Free
1000-2000 $280 €280 £199
2000-5000 $990 €990 £750
5000-10000 $1,990 €1,990 £1,490


• If you expect more than 10,000 viewers, please contact the friendly Cleeng team directly. 

• For more information about fees, please refer to our Cleeng Fees.





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