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Renewing Expired Subscription or Pass



As we are all super busy and have a million and one things to do each day we can often overlook some smaller details like the expiry date of a pass or subscription. The great thing however, is that Cleeng Core now provides you with a simple solution to renew your subscription and get your customers back online.


How to renew an expired pass/subscription  

To renew your expired pass/subscription you can do so via the Cleeng API,  by visiting:

https://developers.cleeng.com/api-console#jsonrpc-updatePassOffer >then click on API console.  Once you are here we need you to input a few details into the provided fields


1. First search for 'updatePassOffer' in the right hand column



2. Next add your publisher token which you can find on the API-Key page. Just click on the link and sign in if prompted. See the tool tip for more details (image below)

3. Then add your Offer ID which you can find within your dashboard or on the end of the offer URL



4. Now, what you need to do is find the 'new' expiry date and time you would like to choose by using this super simple Time stamp tool: https://www.epochconverter.com/


For example, say you would like to expend your subscription to expire on the 28th May 2019 at 7.00am. You would simply set the date and time in the highlighted box below and then click "Human date to Timestamp".



5. Copy this new Time Stamp and paste it in the "expiresAt": field



6. Once the necessary fields have been added click "Submit".



How to check if your updates have worked


Scroll down to see if the code reflects your updates by checking:


"Title": "nameofpass".

"Active": true,

"ExpiresAt": "newtimestamp"


If so, the offer has been updated!



**Please note: Once your pass/subscription has expired your viewers will also have their access revoked. Following this process allows you to reuse the same offer ID with the same parameters. If you would like to have your viewers automatically resubscribed please submit a ticket above to our friendly Customers Success team to further discuss the requirements and processes involved.



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