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Processing a Customer Refund


Sadly, not all viewers are content nor satisfied with the premium content they have purchased. This is why the Dashboard is a handy tool that allows you to manage your viewer requests at your fingertips. 


How to refund a customer when using Cleeng Merchant

If your viewer requests a refund directly to you, you can cancel their purchase directly from your dashboard.

Here's how:


1. Refunding from the 'Accounts' section. 

• Under the Customer Relationship tab, click on Accounts.

• Manually input or search the viewer's email address for the particular transaction you wish to refund

• Click on the email address and you will be directed to Customer details page

At the rightmost corner, click on the cancellation icon (as shown on the screenshot below) 




• You will be presented with a cancellation and refund option. Simply click on the 'Cancel transaction and refund' button.

• When you have done this the viewer will automatically receive an email advising the cancellation has been made

•The refund will appear in the viewers account within 3-5 business days






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