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Cleeng Sandbox

What is the Cleeng Sandbox?

The Cleeng Sandbox is a testing environment made for potential and existing broadcasters to know the main functionality of the Cleeng production. All the emails from the Sandbox environment are marked as a demo.

The main benefit of the Sandbox is that broadcasters may use this before going live with Cleeng to reduce the amount of questions about the platform's features as well as to test implementations and functions.

• Functions in sandbox.cleeng.com and cleeng.com are the same

• Users database in Sandbox is not the same as in production and vice-versa

• Users can access all functions for free


Why use Sandbox?

Sandbox usage is a good practice to test new things instead of the production. It gives broadcasters the ability to modify data, without affecting real information, and ensures that consumer data is secure while reflecting the real system.


How to use Sandbox?

To get started, creating a separate account is a must.

1) Registration is the same as in production. Sign up here - https://sandbox.cleeng.com

2) To take advantage of our API functions, get a Publisher Token from http://sandbox.cleeng.com/dashboard/api-keys/index



• Payments and details are non-existent in this environment

• Enterprise licensed accounts and features for Sandbox are free

• Once you setup an offer, you can purchase your trial event using made-up payment information

• Detailed tutorial is available here: https://developers.cleeng.com/cleeng-sandbox




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