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Churn IQ Introduction




churn.png What is Churn IQ

Churn IQ is Cleeng's data intelligence solution aimed at reducing churn for top broadcasters and sports organizations. Churn IQ aggregates a wide range of data points to create a full view of the subscriber journey thereby leading to better segmentation and identification of subscribers at risk of churning. This tool also provides more granular insights into how subscribers engage with your video content. To learn more about Churn IQ, click here.


How can I access Churn IQ?

ChurnIQ is an Enterprise offering and is not accessible to Pay-As-You-Go users. If you have ChurnIQ enabled then it will be displayed in the “Reporting” section: 



What data points are collected along the subscriber journey?

The data sets are composed of the following 3 main areas. Payment behavior. Video engagement. Customer Satisfaction. A data dictionary describing each data point for each of these main areas can be found in the help center.




Experiment and optimize your offers and free trial experiences

For each step in the subscriber journey you can compare trends by Date, Offer or Subscriber Type (free trial or paying subscribers) over the last 30 days, last 12 week or last 12 months. This enables you to collect the right information to experiment and optimize your subscription offers and free trial experiences.


By Date:





  • If you’re interested in learning more about Churn IQ contact our Sales Team.


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