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Single Sign On (SSO)


In the OTT Industry, a centralized login system has become a necessity. Cleeng Core offers a way to share session or login information across different platforms through the Single Sign On solution as part of our Identity and Access Management.


How does it work?

SSO is one of Cleeng Core's main solution for managing account access and reduce problems caused by growing number of apps/devices to login. It can be used for both free and paid offers. It benefits the viewer by eliminating the redundant process of logging in on multiple devices. With Cleeng's sign up process, we utilize one set of login credentials that the user can use to access with multiple applications or device without being prompted to log in again each time.





We provide a simple Single Sign On out of the box solution that encompasses below key areas:


Account Creation and Login

Ability to create a new user account, and / or register/login user into Cleeng Core platform.

Using Cleeng's API, find more information here 

Password Reset

Ability to reset a password for a given user, who will be sent a "Reset Password" email.

Using Cleeng's API, find more information here 

Social Login - Facebook

Ability to add own Facebook ID for signup. Automated detection of account completion. Designed to simplify login for users by allowing them to sign up using their existing Facebook account.

*Note, when a customer is actually purchasing content they will then need to enter a valid email address 

 Using Cleeng's API, find more information here 

Social Login - Google

Ability to add own Gmail ID for signup. Allows the users to sign up using their existing Google account.

 Using Cleeng's API, find more information here 


What's in it for you?

With Cleeng Core, we always make sure that both viewers and broadcasters will benefit from our services. We aim to provide the best user experience. Below are few reasons on why SSO is beneficial for you:

  • Increased rate of user level. SSO reduces the number of complicated username or passwords the user has to remember, making them to want to sign up without hesitation.
  • Improved user experience. Although it may seem simple, users always appreciate the idea of saving time and effort.
  • Improved security. SSO systems have more secure storage and encryption keys.
  • Easier account management. SSO provides a simple and clear interface for managing usernames and passwords.
  • Reduced number of contacts. SSO lessens the number of authentication problems.


User Flow

It's always important to understand the viewers experience. From Sign Up, Authentication up to Payment processing and content access, there are few and easy simple steps that your viewers follow to gain access to your content.

See below user flow from one of our existing clients that will show how your viewers complete their purchase in just a few simple steps! 



Cleeng's SSO solution is particularly beneficial to clients with multiple websites/applications, significantly simplifying the user journey across different platforms.




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