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Adding a Help Centre to Your Website


Why do you need a Help Centre?

At Cleeng we know first-hand that customer expectations are never static and to meet the demands of these ever growing expectations we must work in a distinctly proactive and innovative way. With that said, it is essential when launching your OTT service that you have strong self-help materials to encourage customer retention and avoid churn.

Having a Help Centre embedded on your site in today’s market is an absolute necessity.
“90% of consumers expect a brand or organisation to offer self-service customer support; 60% of consumers have a more favourable view of the brand if self-service is mobile-responsive. Furthermore, 73% of consumers want the ability to solve issues on their own’; one-third say they’d ‘rather clean a toilet’ than speak with customer service (Appamondo 2017).


Suggested Formatting of your Help Centre

Cleeng’s Customer Success team suggests that you have at least five (5) categories to house the necessary FAQ’s, guiding your customers and answering their questions. See below example:

Downloadable Cleeng FAQ Template

Having a detailed and updated FAQ page saves you and your support team valuable time and effort to help your customers find relevant information in a timely manner. It's a great way to show off your expertise and help users to quickly find the answers on their own and better understand your offers. Cleeng has developed a ready to download FAQ Template for you. 

To download the Cleeng FAQ Template, please click here.



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