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Certified payment gateway integrations


Cleeng has a number of certified payment gateway integrations with leading payment processors around the globe to ensure your customers can purchase your premium content seamlessly. These gateway integrations provide transactional and recurring billing connectors which are currently operational and fully compliant for broadcasters.

What payment gateways do Cleeng integrate as part of Core:


Using these payment gateways customers can pay using many different cards including:

  • Master
  • Visa
  • Amex
  • Discovery
  • JCB
  • Maestro UK

Cleeng is also integrating with localised gateways including:

  • Sofort
  • iDeal
  • SEPA


Others can be enabled on request, simply reach out to our friendly customer success team for more details.


Certified PSP (Payment Service Provider)


These are the most important payment gateways that can be integrated independently. You can find an API policy to help you set up your queries here.


  • Adyen - A payment processing company specializing in international payments. It supports different payment methods. Cleeng also use for Adyen as our PSP for clients using Cleeng Merchant.
  • Paypal - Is commonly used by both clients and viewers. It is an alternative way to pay and get paid online and via an online device.
  • Ingenico - A premier payment services provider with vast experience in international payment processing and an extensive worldwide banking network.
  • Moneris - A gateway being used for our Canadian clients


In-App payments

Allow viewers to purchase access to your video content directly from inside your native applications. It ensures a seamless checkout experience and allows your viewers to use their preferred payment method without being redirected to the web.


  • Integrated with the main app stores (iOS, tvOS, Google Play, Amazon Fire, Roku)
  • One-time billing (transactions), recurring billing (subscriptions)


To find out more about each in-app methods using our API, see documentations:



Learn more about in-app here.


Cleeng Merchant

Cleeng Merchant provides your organization with a simple and secure solution for handling ePayments and optimizing your checkout process. Cleeng Merchant offers a multi-lingual checkout, that is truly optimised for high conversion rates in many countries and currencies. It is deeply integrated with leading payment providers such as Adyen and Paypal for payment processing, as well as handling all legal compliance (GDPR), financial, taxation (VAT, GST…) and fraud constraints for you. Cleeng Merchant’s payment gateway provides the ability for direct payments or the processing of credit cards on behalf of broadcasters to be verified and accepted or denied using secure connections.


For more information regarding Cleeng Merchant please click here.


For any further questions, please contact the Cleeng Customer Success Team


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