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Recurring Billing


Recurring Billing Periods

More and more companies are moving towards recurring billing because it’s a mutually beneficial option for viewers and content owners alike. Your viewers only needs to set-up their payment details once and can enjoy viewing without lock-in contracts or actively making the effort of paying each individual instalment. For you as the content owner on the other hand, will receive a steady cash flow and improve the reliability of your forecasted revenue.


When using Cleeng Core to set up your subscription offers you have the ability to choose from a range of recurring billing periods such as; Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly cycles. Once your viewers have entered their payment details they will automatically be billed based on the anniversary date of their initial transaction. For example:


Monthly Subscription > Customers signed up on January 1st > Next instalment billed February 1st.


  • Cleeng API: you can find more information on creating a subscription offer here
  • Cleeng dashboard: you can find more information on creating a subscription offer here


Automated Retrials and Dunning Notifications

Cleeng further optimises the recurring billing feature through smart logic of Automated payment retrials and customer Dunning notifications. You can read more about that here.



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