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Subscription Gifting Feature


Cleeng now offers broadcasters using the Cleeng Merchant module the ability to offer gift vouchers for their offers. With this new comprehensive feature, you can thoroughly improve your marketing powers and boost your conversion rates


How to set up your Gift Packages


    1. Create a Gift Offer. Go to Cleeng dashboard and create a new VOD offer, with no expiration date. Set your price and all the gift offer details. I.e. 3 months for 50 USD.
    2. Set up a coupon campaign. Go to Cleeng dashboard >Customer Relationships > Coupons & Promotions > Coupon Campaigns and begin creating a campaign. You can restrict your campaign to a particular offer.  (i.e. your monthly subscription offer).
    3. Associate the coupon campaign with the Gift Offer. Once you have set up the coupons and offers, reach out to the Cleeng Customer Success team to link the coupon campaign to the Gift Offer from step 1, Everyone who buys the Gift Offer will receive one coupon code from your new campaign in their purchase receipt.
    4. Selling your Gift Offer. To sell your gift offer, you need to place the embed ‘Buy button’ associated with the Gift Offer ID (e.g. S123456789_US) on your website. Here’s how you do it.


End User Purchase Flow:


  • The broadcaster creates his own website with Gift Offers listed. The user is able to pick one of the offers from the broadcaster’s website.
  • The user must be sign up or be signed in to purchase a Gift Offer
  • Once the purchase has been made, the recipient of the gift will be provided with a one-time use coupon code in their purchase receipt sent via email.


  • The person who received the coupon code can now sign up for an account and redeem their free period. The subscription can be canceled any time to avoid being charged for the next periods.



Offer conditions

  1. For gift subscription itself, refunds and cancellation are not supported, but can be redeemed up until the time specified by the service provider.
  2. When the free period of the gift subscription expires, the subscription will attempt to roll over to the next period. The person benefiting from the gift will receive an email notification that they should enter their payment details, otherwise their subscription will expire.
  3. This gift offer is for Web purchase/redemption only. It is not available in mobile apps. However, after the offer is redeemed, users will have access to the content across all platforms and devices

An optional flow can allow new users to receive a link to a special registration page. On that page, the coupon application can be done in the background.



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