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Cleeng Tattoo 3.0

  • What is Tatoo 3.0?

Tattoo 3.0 is an advanced anti-piracy protection and credential sharing solution. It offers a level of security to your premium videos by combining multiple protection layers, which contain among other things watermarking to counteract screencasting and session control as well as heavily reduce  account sharing.


  • What is a Watermark?

A watermark is a unique, (im)perceptible serial number designed to remain with the content, regardless of how it might be transcoded, resized, downscaled or otherwise altered for distribution. With a watermark solution, content that is improperly re-distributed can be traced back to its source. And with Tattoo 3.0 you can take action immediately by neutralizing the pirated stream at the source (ideal for live streamed pay-per-view content!).


Tattoo 3.0 offers three different watermarking options:

  1. On-screen Messaging A welcoming message combined with the name of the license holder of the content
  2. Perceptible Watermark Perceptible watermark to prevent and discourage file sharing
  3. Imperceptible Watermark Imperceptible watermark linked with personal user details to optimize security level




  •  What is Session control?

Session control enables you to control the number of sessions a single user account can have at a single time. In addition to that, it ensures a smooth user experience across devices when they switch access from one device to another. This technology allows you to also block a fraudulent account and will neutralize the playback stream instantly in the client application.


  • How does the security solution Tattoo 3.0 work?

Tattoo 3.0 is easy to implement and has no impact on your existing infrastructure. It requires only minimal code changes in your client applications. The Cleeng Tattoo 3.0 plugin is only? available at this moment for web, native iOS/tvOS and native Android and supports many different players. The plugin has a heart-beat to a back-end server making it robust against different possible attacks (like DOM-manipulation).



Instruction on how to implement and activate Tattoo 3.0 is shared on our developer portal. Come and check it out! 


  • How can I activate the security solution Tattoo 3.0?

Instruction on how to implement and activate Tattoo 3.0 is shared on our developer portal. Come and check it out! 


  • What does it cost to use the security solution Tattoo 3.0?

In order to use Tattoo 3.0 there are associated costs. Up to a 100 connections, it’s free of charge, when you surpass a 100 connections you will be invoiced. The pricing is based on the number of managed users, meaning the number of viewers that are allowed to have access to the video content (paid or unpaid). For more information view our pricing page.


  • For any further questions, please contact Cleeng's friendly Sales Team.




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