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Access Control

When using Cleeng Core you will have access to our advanced Access Control technology to ensure your viewers are not sharing their accounts. Below you'll find insights to how this works from a viewer validation level and click this link to find more information on our security and piracy prevention technologies


Access Control - Viewer Level Validation

1- Unique viewer credentials: In order to purchase a video, the viewer needs to create an account (through Facebook, Google, or email/password). This account contains all of the viewer's access privileges (purchases). It can be used across devices to access the videos anytime, anywhere.


2- IP validation: Cleeng enforces granular access control to specific countries and the number of simultaneous viewer IPs. Cleeng will control that a given viewer does not access his account using more than 3 IPs (or device) within 6 hours. This way, would someone share their credentials with "friends", their access would be automatically blocked.



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