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Free Trial Performance Dashboard


Free Trial Performance Dashboard

The free trial performance dashboard allows you to learn more about the performance of how many free trial users were acquired and how many free trials users converted to paying subscribers over a specified period. The broadcaster can increase conversions through by segmenting users and targeting marketing actions at the right time.



Data Dictionary


  • Number of Free Trials - Users starting new trials for the given period.


  • Converted Users - The number of new free trials users that converted to paying users despite when they converted. They could have converted after the selected period.


  • Conversion Rate - The percentage of users that converted from trial to paying for the selected period. Include green/red ticker to indicate positive/negative trend for the time period.


  • Converted Recurring Revenue - This is the sum of all customer payments that converted from trial to paying for the selected period (adjust currency according to publisher).


  • Trial Cancellation Reasons - A list of reason aimed to better understand why subscribers cancelled their subscription based on a number of categories. These includes:
    • Poor streaming quality
    • Service too expensive
    • Alternatives in the market
    • Others


  • Trial Start Date - The date at which the subscriber signs up for a free trial. Having an understanding when users sign up could provide information around any expected high or low peaks in seasonality as well as the effectiveness of certain marketing campaigns.


  • Converted Date - The date at which the subscriber submits the first payment for a subscription. Using the trial start date and converted date helps determine, on average, how long it takes subscribers to convert to paying. Knowing this it could be an idea to trigger subscribers at risk, higher than average conversion time, of not converting with timely incentives or relevant notifications.


  • Trial Cancellation Date - The date at which the subscriber submits a subscription cancellation. Having an understanding of when subscribers are mostly likely to cancel during the trial period is useful in identifying who may be at risk of cancelling. Again, timely notifications or incentives could trigger more subscribers to convert to paying.


  • Trial Expiration Date - The date at which the subscription actually expires. Before a trial user is set to expire timely coupon or relevant content could entice the subscriber to take action via a 1-click sign up notification to switch to a paid subscription.


How to interpret this dashboard?

Based on the selected time frame the dashboard will show you how many free trial sign ups were created within this period. Based on these free trial sign ups we also show how many converted and what the conversion rate is. In addition we show a customer list of free trial users based on this time frame. This list can assist you in determining how long it takes to convert from free-to-paid or how long it take for users to cancel their trial experience.


How to Increase Free Trial Conversions?


  • Segment and target marketing actions with timely coupons, notifications or relevant content:
    • Identifying at risk trial users based on average conversion times
    • Based on when cancellations most likely occur.
    • Between the time a cancellation occurs and the actual trial expiration date


  • Better understand cancellation reasons such as:
    • Content not available
    • Customer disputes
    • Offer too expensive
    • Poor streaming quality
    • Alternatives in the market


  • Benefit from Cleeng’s recurring billing function that automatically debits the first paid installment immediately after the free trial period ends unless the subscriber cancels the subscription first.


  • Make the trial experience an experience to remember.


What if I see 0 conversions or 0% conversion rate?


The dashboard could potentially show 0 conversions with shorter time filters. For example, “last week” could show 100 free trial users who signed up but reflect 0 conversions. This may mean that none of these 100 free trial users converted to paying subscribers. One key reason behind this is that the free trial is 30 days long and no one converted within the last week.


Does the dashboard show web and in-app cancellations?


The Free Trial Performance Dashboard shows subscription cancellations from both web and in-app transactions.


The Free Trial Dashboard is available for Cleeng clients using Cleeng Core. Please contact customer care if you are interested in accessing this report or have additional questions.


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