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Churn IQ - Customer Satisfaction Dashboard


The satisfaction dashboard gives you insights into who, why and when a subscriber cancelled their subscription as well as opportunities to win them  back. You can even compare cancellations trends between different offers as you experiment with new types of offers. This dashboard reflects cancellations for both web and in-appThis section focuses on the satisfaction of the viewer. What we are showing here are all your cancelled subscribers and for the last 12 months.


Customer Success Dashboard

Subscription Cancellation Evolution:

This gives you a trend view of your performance over the last 12 months and the of the cancellations per offer.




Subscription Cancellation Reasons

Please note that a subscriber will receive a survey after cancelling a subscription. They will then be given different reasons to choose from (Unsatisfied with the content, no longer interest, etc.) This chart provides information to support your root cause analysis and help mitigate churn subscribers.




Recoverable Subscriptions (Next 30 days)

This downloadable customer segment offers an opportunity to retain subscribers who have cancelled their subscription when their subscription hasn’t officially expired. This presents a window of opportunity between the cancellation date and the actual expiration date to win back subscribers.




Win back Cancelled Subscribers with Churn Mitigating Actions!

Let’s face it. Some subscribers will inevitably leave your services but many subscribers can still remain engaged. Understanding why subscribers cancelled and left your service will help pinpoint where to focus your attention on improving subscriber retention. Segment your subscriber base and target marketing actions with new experiences or even offering a more affordable subscription to win them back!


Customer Satisfaction Data Dictionary


  • Cancelled subscriber - A subscribers that cancelled their subscription in the selected period.
  • Cancellation rate - The percentage of cancelled subscribers divided by all managed subscribers for the selected period.
  • Net promoter score (NPS) - The net promoter score of all managed users in the selected period.
  • Recoverable subscriptions (next 30 days) - A bar chart displaying all subscribers that have cancelled their subscription which will expire within the next 30 days.
  • Subscriber cancellation evolution - Cancellation rate displayed by calculating rates grouped by the selected time period (monthly/weekly/daily).
  • Subscription cancellation reasons - The reasons subscribers left the service grouped by the selected  time period.
  • Satisfaction overview table - The overview table with all churned by cancellation subscribers in the selected time period.
  • Churned date (CEST) - The date a subscriber unsubscribed from the service. Central European Summer Time.
  • Cancellation reason - The reason for which subscriber left the service 
  • Comment - The comment subscriber wrote when rated the broadcaster  through the NPS collection.
  • Previous active period - The days that the subscriber was active before they cancelled their subscription.
  • Package type - The package type subscriber has signed up for (free/paid).
  • Offer ID - The offer ID of the subscribers' plan. A subscriber can subscribe to multiple plans.
  • QoS - Quality of service - Displays the average happiness score for all plays across the platform. The score is an algorithm extracted from every view based on quality parameters and length of the view. Views below 10 seconds are given a score of 0. Happiness scores range between 0 and 10 with 10 being excellent and 0 not being ranked.



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