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Cleeng Capture


Capture is an amazing feature that comes as a standard feature with Cleeng Core which is based more on learning than it is about selling. It’s a tool that helps you as a Broadcaster or content owner understand your viewers by asking a few specific questions and building customer profiles to market to.

So if you are selling an offer or running an AVOD offer and want to get to know your customers by asking some specific questions then capture is for you!


How to activate Cleeng Capture?

Here is a quick video tutorial:


If you are using Cleengs API's please visit our developers portal for more information.


Steps to activate Cleeng Capture:


1. Log into your Broadcaster dashboard click on ‘Customer Relationships > Cleeng Capture’. 


2. Turn Cleeng Capture on.

Please note that once you have turned this function on it will be activated across all of your offers.


3. You will be presented with a preview of your checkout flow. These will be the exact steps that your viewers will take when purchasing your content.


4. This step is the most important. This is where you can choose what information you would like your viewer to provide you with through default fields. With the first four default fields, all you need to do is check the box on the left-hand side if you wish to use them and if you would like these fields to be mandatory check the box on the right-hand side.

Next, the marketing opt-in and terms and conditions are enabled by default. If you would like to add in your own companies T&C’s, please add your link in the box provided.



5. Choosing your custom fields. Here you can really gain a deeper understanding of your viewers. Add in series of questions which will appear in a drop-down menu and if you wish to make it mandatory, check the 'required' box on the right hand side as shown below:

For a more customized experience, you can use our API reference (saveCaptureQuestions) by visiting this link- https://developers.cleeng.com/save-capture-questions . With this API you may set up a lot of questions (up to all default + 4 custom) that you can't do while setting up Capture from dashboard.


 6. As you check these boxes you will see a preview of the capture page on the right-hand side.



7. Last but not least click the 'save' button at the bottom of your page.



How Cleeng Capture looks like on viewer's perspective

• After your viewer has clicked the purchase button, this page will appear with all the questions you have selected. Please note that is you have not checked the required box in the setup, the word optional will appear inside the field.



• If you have checked a field as required, your viewer will see this message.



• The drop-down menu for the viewer questions you have chosen will look like this.



Meanwhile, I’m sure you are asking yourself, where can I find the results from Cleeng Capture? You can simply click on ‘Accounts’, under the 'Reporting' section. Here you can also download the report.



Any custom reports that you generate will appear inside the 'Downloads' tab under the 'Reporting' section.



• Please note that the information which was captured will also populate in the receipt for the viewer.





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